Christian Education


Sunday School provides an approach for learning What God wants us to know and How He wants us to live. Bible literacy is critical to growing mature disciples and Sunday School is a critical tool in this process. It is also a time where distractions are minimized and we can focus on learning and making applications to what we have learned for our own lives. 

The Bible speaks to people today, yet the language is of people who lived centuries ago; therefore it is a divine book, but it is intensely human.

Sunday School is important, because it is engaged in discovering people and engaging them in Life-Changing Bible study. 

Sunday School teaches Divine revelation, illuminated by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit; and people encounter God in exciting, life-changing experiences,and churches are stimulated and empowered.

adult sunday schools

9 AM – 10 AM.


This class, which meets in room 201a&b, welcomes all ages. “Come let us reason together.” Our creed is, To Challenge. To Change. For Christ! We accomplish this by our in-depth, yet simple teaching of God’s Word. Our Power Point-based, course-structured lessons, are designed to stimulate both mind and spirit. Our verse-by-verse exposition of scripture will thoroughly equip you for every good work. We look forward to fellowshipping with you!” Coffee and morning snacks are provided. Teacher is Bill Tanksley.


This group, which meet in room 202 welcomes all ages. We are studying the books of Colossians and Philippians. This is an interactive class of friendly and welcoming adults.  They enjoy lively discussion, fellowship, and great food in a caring atmosphere. Rotating teachers. Contact: Mike O’Connell. 


This group, which meets in room 25, is for ages 25-55. Join the Connect class as we study “The Power of a Praying Parent”. Leaders are Pastor Phil & Susan Hoyer.

Your Life in christ

This class meets in room 300. If you are a new Christian, or if you have ever wished that you knew more about the Basics of Christianity, please join us! Teachers are Sandy Janke and Frank Haroldson.

teacher training

Every teacher of God’s Word has the responsibility to be the best he or she can be. Here at CCC, we have many gifted teachers for children, students, and adults. It is a challenge to make sure we all stay on the same track. For this reason we offer training to every teacher. In addition, this is a great opportunity to be exposed to resources and gifts in one another that we otherwise would be unaware of. The training occurs on a Saturday of each quarter. Click here for the current schedule.

Our goal is that our reverence for the authority of God’s Word is shared by every teacher. We aim at letting the Word of God speak through each teacher with the purpose of building the body of Christ up in unity of spirit.

Materials that have been covered are by Howard Hendricks and Bruce Wilkinson. For more information about these classes, please contact Pearl Andrews, the Christian Education director. 

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