The Elders

Carlsbad Community Church Elder Board

Welcome to the Carlsbad Community Church Elders’ webpage. We hope this page will give you some insights to the Board of Elders and be a forum for communication to the members of CCC. We will be adding additional information soon, such as meeting minutes and position papers. If there are additional items you would like to see or questions you have please contact us by phone or by our contact us form.

“An Elder is a spiritually mature man, knowledgeable in the Scriptures, officially recognized by the local church to work with other Elders in exercising oversight and shepherding of God's flock” (Steven J. Cole). The Board of Elders at CCC consists of nine (9) men who serve for a term of three years, with 1/3 of them being replaced every year. Each man serves on a ministry team. Elders are nominated and called based on the Biblical requirements of 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. There are four officers elected annually by the board: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, & Secretary. The Elders are responsible for working with the Pastors and staff to carry out the objective of the church which is to “make disciples and unite the followers of Jesus Christ for the purpose of sharing in the worship and service of God, that His will may become dominant in the lives of men in the community and throughout the world as that will is set forth in the life and teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ”.



Elders for 2014


Chuck Shanklin, Chairman: Chuck was born in Kansas City, Kansas into an active Christian family, and accepted Jesus as his Savior in the fourth grade.  He and his wife, Barbara, and joined CCC shortly after returning to California in 2001.  They are both involved in Mariners and preschool children’s Sunday School.  Chuck served on the Missions Ministry Team, the Board of Elders,  and is currently assisting in the AWANA TREK program. 

Bruce St. Gean, Vice Chairman:  Bruce first heard the Gospel at a Conservative Baptist Association youth track meet held at BIOLA College in 1961.  Strongly convicted by the Holy Spirit, he received the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior, a few weeks later.  He later served as a Deacon and the college Bible teacher at Fairview Heights Baptist Church in Inglewood, California.  He served as a Deacon at the First Baptist Church of Encinitas (now Seacoast Community Church), and taught the collegiate Bible study.  Seeing the necessity for his children to participate in a strong youth group, the family became members of CCC in 1988.  He has served as Bible teacher of the college class, the Young Family Fellowship (now the Maranatha class), and last served as an Elder in 1999-2002.  Married to Sharon since 1964, they have three married children and nine grandchildren.  He is currently a geography instructor at the community college level, but considers his highest calling to serve the Lord in whatever capacity He chooses.

Mark Hoppe, Treasurer:  Mark grew up in Michigan and moved to California after college, where he met and married Jane.  They have been Encinitas residents since 1975, except for seven years in Singapore.  They began worshiping here at CCC in 2001.  Our children are grown, and both are married with their own children. We are blessed that our daughter and family reside here in Carlsbad.  While in Asia, they were members of a Charismatic Anglican church, where he was active in Missions, Outreach, and the Alpha program.  Here at CCC, he lead a Growth Group, attend Maranatha Sunday School class, and Mariners. Mark served as an Elder for three years; 2009 – 2011, and led Sunday evening prayer. Mark still works part-time, but is looking forward to devoting more time to our church.

Matt Cliff, Secretary:   Matt and his wife, Jenni, have been married for 14 years and have four children. They have attended Carlsbad Community Church for eight years.  They have been involved with the Young Families/Families of Faith class, teaching elementary Sunday School and participating in the music ministry. Matt served on the most recent pastoral selection committee, and has also been involved Bible Study Fellowship for many years. Matt put his trust in Christ for salvation in the 1980s, as a high school student.

Bill Hatch:  Bill joined CCC in the early 1970’s.  He and his wife, Marylyn, have served on a number of short term missions trips, taught Sunday school, worked with Congregational Care Ministry, and have been involved with growth groups.   His strengths include: evangelism and witnessing to others about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Bill served as an elder (2003-05) and was chairman of the missions board for two years.  Bill worked in public education for 34 years.

Ed Andrews: Ed and Pearl were married in 2004. They began attending Carlsbad Community Church in 2005.  He serves on the Men’s Ministry Team.  He has organized the Men’s Retreat for the past six years. He served on the Visual Projection Team that prepares the projection slides for our Sunday morning Worship Service. Ed served at the annual Women’s Christmas Brunch. He is a proud member of a men’s accountability group that is enriching his life. Ed regularly attends Bible study class held at the church on Thursday nights, as well as supporting the “My Therapist Says” discussion series.

Bill Hosmer:  Bill served as Associate Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Lakewood, Colorado where Bill was ordained to the Gospel Ministry. He and Arlene have been active members of Carlsbad Community Church for the past 28 years.  Bill has been involved in Men’s Ministry, Stephen Ministry, Evangelism Explosion, and three terms on the Elder Board.  He has also served as Chaplain for Point Man International Ministries for the past 18 years for the Oceanside Outpost.  Bill has been married to Arlene since 1973 and their adult children April and Ted are serving the Lord in their churches.

Gary Steck:   Gary and his wife of 51 years, Bonnie, have been members of CCC for over 10 years. Since then, he has served two terms as a CCC elder. He is active in Mariners, Sojourners Sunday school, and Men’s Ministry. He and Bonnie recently attended CCCC National Family Conference, in Cleveland, and are looking forward to the 2012 conference in Colorado Springs. He is currently the Boy Scout representative for CCC.

Mike O’Connell: Mike and his wife Nancy live in Oceanside and have been married 15 months (married in the Maranatha Sunday School class July 29th of last year).  He has been a  member since 2006. His church involvement includes: church bus ministries, children’s church and worship programs, church musicals in Texas and high school and junior high school Bible study programs in North County.  He participates in Men’s Bible Studies and retreats.   Along with Alan Bergstedt, went on a mission trip to Vietnam with the Free Wheel Chairs Mission organization in 2012.