The goal of Awana is to reach children with the gospel of Christ, and train them to serve Him.

All Clubs through 6th grade meet Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:00pm (during the traditional school year except on holiday weeks) starting the first Wednesday in September and ending with an awards ceremony the last Wednesday in May.   

Club nights are divided into three main components:

  1. Game Time
  2. Handbook Time
  3. Counsel Time


Three and four years club. Cubbies is unique because it supports and maintains parents as the primary source of spiritual nurturing by directly involving them in the teaching and learning process. Cubbies use the fundamental Awana elements of games and activities, Bible memorization, handbooks, and awards. The program uses a character named Cubbie Bear to encourage children as they achieve in their handbooks. The handbooks provide Bible memorization curriculum and stimulating activities designed specifically for preschoolers. Cubbies display their awards on their blue vest uniform, which they wear to club each week. As Cubbies, children will learn that Jesus loves them and how they can show God's love by helping and obeying.


Kindergarten through second grade club. In Sparks, children will learn how to share Christ with their friends, to obey their parents, and how to pray for others. The handbooks provide Bible memorization curriculum and other fun Bible-centered activities. Sparky, the friendly firefly appears throughout the Bible-based materials to encourage clubbers to complete their handbook achievements. Sparkies receive participation and achievement awards which are displayed on their red uniform vests.

Truth & Training

Third through sixth grade Truth & Training (T & T Clubs feature increased focus on Scripture application in a structured program, fun characters, and more. The T&T program includes two handbooks called, "The Ultimate Adventure", for 3rd and 4th graders. Clubbers are taught that the "ultimate adventure" is the Christian's relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The 5th and 6th graders continue in "The Ultimate Challenge" books. The T&T program applies to girls and boys; however, girls will be assigned to groups with women leaders and boys to groups with men leaders. T&T clubbers will wear either a green or blue uniform T-shirt, on which to attach achievement awards. We want our Awana clubbers to know the truth of God's Word, and we want to train them to serve Him in their everyday lives. We know that many of today's clubbers will become tomorrow's leaders.

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