Growth Groups




At Carlsbad Community, one of the most important ways we celebrate Jesus and what he has done for us is by being in fellowship with other believers in a Growth Group.  Authentic fellowship can be a challenge to maintain in ordinary life.  Growth groups are very important to participating in the life of Carlsbad Community Church.  Here we provide a place to build relationships with other believers in a safe and nurturing environment.  We spend time together hanging out, catching up on life, praying and engaging the Word of God together.

Carlsbad Community church has several types of growth groups that meet either on campus or in homes.  We have groups that meet during the daytime and in the evening.  We have groups for both individuals and for couples.  Many of our groups take summer and/or holiday breaks and start meeting again in the fall or spring.  Our Growth Groups also participate in various volunteer activities and service projects throughout the year.

Whether you are new to Carlsbad Community, are a regular attendee, a member, or just looking for a place to make new friends and study the Word, we encourage you to become a part of a Carlsbad Community Church Growth Group.