Missions and Evangelism


Carlsbad Community Church provides financial support to 22 missionary families living or operating in 19 foreign countries. Support is also provided to 11 missionary units who serve in various ministry capacities or as mission mobilizers and 6 local ministries in the USA. This support is met with a Faith Promise budget (separate from the General Fund) of $173,688 per year. You will find a missions display in the lobby of the Worship Center that contains a map and information pertaining to our missionaries. Please pick up their recently received letters located by the map that will allow you to know more about them and the work God has called them to do. 22 members of Carlsbad Community Church serve as full time missionaries. We encourage several short-term mission trips by youth and adults each year.

Our primary, week-long annual Missions Conference is held each February with guest speakers and missionaries presenting Friday evening banquets and preaching on two Sundays providing information to the congregation about the various ways God’s Word is impacting the unreached around the world through them.  A one-weekend mini-Mission Conference is held each October.


Located on the CCC campus is an evangelical Spanish language church.  The ICC is a Religious Corporation recognized by the State of California.  ICC’s ordained pastor is included as part of the CCC family of missionaries.  ICC has submitted application for membership to the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (the 4C’s) in which the CCC is a member.



Mossy Foot is a debilitating physical condition that occurs in Wolaitta County and in other parts of Ethiopia. Our church supports efforts to treat and prevent this disease through providing shoes, socks, rehabilitation and prevention training through joint U.S. and Ethiopian Mossy Foot projects.  A Christian, evangelical and medical staff in Ethiopia carries out this ongoing work. CCC conducts an annual fundraising effort to help support this mission.  For contributions to this work, please make out a check to CCC, marked for Mossy Foot Project, and mail it to the church or put it in the offering basket.  For more information, please see the website: www.mossyfoot.com



CCC over the years has purchased over 2000 wheelchairs for distribution to handicapped persons around the world.  The Free Wheelchair Mission provides a wheelchair for $59.00, which includes manufacture and shipping to a port of entry, and has supplied over 700,000 chairs to 80 countries.  Each year, CCC has a fund raising campaign to purchase wheelchairs.  In 2006, 2008 and 2012, short term mission teams from CCC have gone to Peru, Ethiopia and Vietnam to assemble and distribute the Free Wheelchairs to handicapped individuals working through local evangelicals.  For contributions to this work, please make out a check to CCC, marked for Free Wheelchair Mission, and mail it to the church or put it in the offering basket.  For more information please see this website: www.FreeWheelchairMission.org