Your Wedding At Carlsbad Community Church

Carlsbad Community Church was established in 1924, and has been in the same location for almost a century. It is our desire to make your wedding one of the most significant, joyful, and sacred occasions in your life.  Weddings are spiritual celebrations in which the Bride and Groom publicly seek God's blessing on their union. 


Your wedding may be simple or elaborate.  Whichever you choose, we want your wedding to reflect the wonderful love of God which He has given His children through Jesus Christ.

We urge you to make thorough preparations for your wedding day as well as for your spiritual life together.


The Wedding Date and Our Calendar

When inquiring about a wedding date, it is necessary to contact the church's Director of Business Administration at 760-729-2331 or fill out our contact us form.
Weddings can be performed on Saturdays (excluding holidays) between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. If more than one wedding is scheduled there must be a three hour window in between them.


A deposit is required to secure your wedding reservation.  Upon receipt of your deposit and application, our wedding coordinator will set a date for a consultation with you to help plan your wedding. 


Premarital counseling is mandatory and may be arranged by calling our church or certification that your pastor has counseled both the Bride and Groom.


The Wedding Coordinator

Our wedding coordinator is a vital part of our church program and is instrumental to setting up the specifics for your wedding, such as the organist, soloist, photographer, videographer, florist, and limo. She  coordinates the rehearsal, decorates the church, and makes sure that your wedding is a well organized success.

The wedding coordinator synchronizes all the events prior to, during, and after the wedding.  She will see that everyone who should be wearing a corsage or a boutonniere has it pinned on properly. She will be available to assist in the moments prior to the ceremony.

Wedding Rates

Sanctuary, $600  

Chapel, $250  

Wedding Coordinator, $250  

Organist, $150  

Pastor, $300  
Pre-Marital Counseling (required), $150  
Soloist, $100

Sound, $ 75  
Patio with tables, $100  

Custodial Fee:  The set up and take down fee is $10.00 per table with 8 chairs.  8’ft. long tables without chairs are $5.00 each.  The minimum charge is $100.

This requires a deposit of $400 at time of reservation.  $100 will be refunded for cancellations prior to 90 days before the reserved date.  All fees are payable in advance of the wedding.




Receptions are permitted when wedding ceremonies are held in the Sanctuary.  No alcohol or smoking is allowed in the facility.  No alcohol consumption is permitted outside the facility by guests entering the facility.  The use of the facility must be completed by 6:00 p.m.  Receptions are limited to 3.5 hours and an additional 3 hours are allowed for setup.      

Worship Center (use fee)               $1275                    
Reception Coordinator (required)     $  225

The fee includes cleanup of the Worship Center and use of the kitchen.  The caterer must provide cleanup of the kitchen.  The caterer is not allowed to use kitchen cabinet supplies.

This requires a deposit of $300 at the time of reservation.  $100 will be refunded for  cancellations prior to 90 days before the reserved date.  A damage deposit of $400 is required 30 days before the reserved date and will be refunded in 30 days after the facility usage less damage.


The Rehearsal

Unless otherwise arranged, the rehearsal begins at 6:00 p.m. the evening before your wedding and usually takes about one hour.  The wedding coordinator will begin your rehearsal when all the participants have arrived. Both parents of the Bride and Groom should be at the rehearsal, as well as grandparents, if possible.  We strongly recommend that ushers be at the rehearsal, as they work closely with the wedding coordinator.  They will be instructed about wedding etiquette, when and where to seat parents, grandparents, and special family members.  Inform the wedding coordinator of how many rows you would like reserved for relatives and close friends.

The Pastor and wedding coordinator will work with you through the rehearsal and wedding day. At the rehearsal, the wedding coordinator reviews the wedding day details and choreographs the ceremony. The Pastor walks you through the ceremonial aspect of the wedding.

Don’t forget to bring your marriage license, wedding candles, guest book, and pens.


On Your Wedding Day

The Bride and her bridesmaids should arrive through the patio/chapel entrance one hour before the wedding.  It is best to arrive with make-up, hair, and nails done.  This way everyone can dress and be ready for taking photos and the bride can have a few quiet moments before walking down the aisle.

The Groom,  his groomsmen and the ushers should arrive through the main entrance doors forty-five minutes before the wedding.  The men should arrive dressed and prepared to have photos taken.


The Organist and Soloist

We are blessed to have a magnificent Phelps pipe organ.  If you wish to have organ music at your wedding, the wedding coordinator will book one of our organists. 

Our organist can accompany a soloist on either the organ or piano.  There is an additional fee for practicing with and accompanying the soloist.  The soloist may accompany himself/herself or use a taped accompaniment.

Soloists are provided with a self-monitored microphone system.  Should the soloist wish to have the services of a sound technician, arrangements must be six weeks in advance of the wedding through the wedding coordinator.


Floral Decorations

It is the responsibility of the Bride and Groom to provide all floral decorations for the wedding.  During your consultation, the wedding coordinator will furnish names of florists and provide suggestions for floral arrangements in conjunction with church provided items like candelabras and kneeling benches.

The wedding coordinator is responsible for overseeing all floral matters.  Please ask your florist to arrive no later than 1-1/2 hrs. prior to the wedding and to clearly identify who gets corsages and boutonnieres.


Other Information

Alcohol and tobacco are not allowed on our church campus.  Therefore, please ask all members of your family and wedding party to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages immediately prior to both the rehearsal and wedding.

We ask that your guests do not throw rice, bird seed or confetti inside or outside the Church.


The Photographer

It is the responsibility of the Bride and Groom to contact and inform the photographer of the church's policies concerning wedding photography.

We suggest your photographer arrive one hour before the ceremony.  We have found it works well if the Groom and his groomsmen have their photos taken from forty-five minutes before the ceremony until twenty minutes prior to the ceremony.  Then while the groomsmen are ushering the guests into the Sanctuary, photos are taken of the Bride and her bridesmaids in our chapel.

Following your ceremony, you have a half-hour for formal photographs, re-enacting highlights of the ceremony, and getting those special photos of family and friends.  Be specific and let your photographer know ahead of time exactly what individual and group photos will be taken.


Guest Photography

It is the Bride and Groom's responsibility to inform family and friends concerning their wishes about picture-taking during the ceremony.  For example, once in a while, a friend or relative will snap a picture during the ceremony and unknowingly distract from the beautiful mood you have worked so hard to create.



Videography is allowed from two locations in the altar area.  To minimize distraction, a tripod is required in these two locations.  When videotaping from the back of the Sanctuary, a tripod is not necessary, but we do request that you videotape from a position well behind the last row of guests.  If your videographer(s) cannot attend the rehearsal, we request arrival time at least one hour before the ceremony.